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Pelham Oaks Elementary
Parent/Guardian Student Permission Form

You must register your 5th Grade Student by 8/28/24.

I, the undersigned Parent/Guardian, give permission for my student enrolled at Pelham Oaks Elementary School (POES) to attend Extended Learning Opportunity ("ELO") Bible education sponsored by School Ministries Alabama ("School Ministries"), with classes held every Tuesday, starting September 3rd, 2024, from 8:10-9:10 am at First Baptist Church Pelham, 2867 Pelham Parkway, Pelham, Alabama, 35124. I understand that School Ministries will provide transportation from POES to First Baptist Church Pelham and then back to POES after class.              


I understand there may be occasions when photos or video may be taken during this ELO Bible class; I consent for School Ministries and its agents to use and publish, without charge, photos, videos, print material, or other media that may include images and words of or about my child.

I understand and agree that:

1. This class is not designed to conflict with required core classes, and that my student is responsible for school class assignments that may be missed during ELO Bible classes.

2. This ELO Bible class will be placed in my child's school class schedule. This means:

a. I may withdraw my permissions for my POES student to attend future ELO Bible classes with at least 48-hour written notice to School Ministries and POES. 

3. School Ministries may withdraw my student from the class, with at least 48-hour written notice to the student's parent/guardian and POES, if circumstances (e.g., unresolved behavioral issues) require.


I understand that any supporting educational accommodations or interventions provided to my student by Pelham Oaks Elementary School or Pelham City Schools are not available or otherwise provided to my student during their attendance at this specific ELO class, including students required to be supported by a school nurse or paraeducator during the school day. Food allergies do not require a School nurse to accompany your child; however, that information is requested below so we are aware and prepared if necessary

Please complete the following:

First and last name entry will count as the Student's electronic signature.

First and last name entry will count as your electronic signature.

Parent/Guardian Street Address*

After review and acceptance by SMA, a PDF copy of your completed form will be sent to the email address provided.

Thank you for your patience.

By submitting this form with my electronic signature I confirm my acceptance of its terms and conditions.

Thank you for submitting your student's permission form. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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